The Best Cunning Kitchen Working Station Guide

December 13, 2018
What Is A Kitchen Workstation? – French Cooking Academy with Sly Kitchen Working Station


The fryer—or fryolator because it’s sometimes known as—is for meals like chicken wings, onion rings, and French fries. Quite a lot of meals that goes right into a fryer is frozen, so most fry stations have their very own freezers. Other mandatory equipment consists of fry baskets, tongs, and bowls for breading.

Funds, space, and your planned menu are the largest considerations in determining what number of stations your kitchen will need. Many of those could be mixed to save area and cash, and also you certainly do not want a cook dinner at every station throughout gradual shifts.

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Restaurants with sufficient space might add a salad station or a dessert station as well, or these might be included into the wait station Many modern kitchens embody a garde manger position right here as effectively. The garde manger, often a prepare dinner moderately than a chef, creates salads as well as chilly appetizers and would possibly plate some desserts as effectively.

The grill cook dinner must also have an excessive amount of expertise. Just like the sauté cook dinner or saucier, he’s usually cooking a number of dishes without delay. He must know the right way to properly prepare dinner beef to nicely, medium, and uncommon temperatures, in addition to fish and poultry.

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A typical restaurant kitchen has a layout featuring several totally different stations. A station is a chosen space the place a certain sort of food is ready. Stations help preserve a restaurant kitchen operating easily. A well-stocked pizza station must also have pizza screens for cooking and serving, a pizza paddle, pizza cutter, and sheets of wax paper.

The fry station is an efficient entry-stage cooking place, ultimate for somebody simply starting out in a restaurant kitchen. But one individual mightume the roles of both grill prepare dinner and fry cook in some kitchen brigades, notably in smaller kitchen institutions.

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The garde manger place can be far more superior in larger, busier kitchens, nevertheless, and might be entrusted to create and oversee a variety of chilled or cold dishes and even ice carvings.

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Here are a few of our most populartop kitchen working station picture that you can download and print.

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